General Consultancy Services

We provide comprehensive, innovative and practical solutions for a wide range of projects.

  • 3D conceptual schemes for buildings.
  • Structural design services.
  • Retaining walls including tiebacks, grouts and Gabion walls.
  • Geometric road design.
  • Civil engineering design services for industrial and commercial developments.
  • Specialist lightweight coldsteel building structural design services.
  • Overall building projects feasibility services including building requirement schemes and site services with planning consultation.
  • Urban/residential subdivisions.
  • Domestic housing design – hill sites, driveways and earth retaining structures.
  • Rural farm park developments
  • Roading, bridges and Gabion baskets.
  • Earthwork design and construction supervision.
  • Independent engineering investigation.
  • Full Building Consent Applications.
  • Liaison with local bodies.
  • Project management services with facilities to coordinate all sub-consultants.

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